Condolences - Isaac "Ike" Boutwell

I own the Cheri Theatre in Murray. I am sorry to hear about Ike. He and I would talk on the phone before all the Covid 19 I will miss him.

From: John Hopkins from Murray,Ky

I'm very sorry to hear of Ike's passing. He was a very intelligent and interesting man with an impressive history as a pilot and Marine. Always enjoyed my conversations with him. My condolences.

From: Danny Darnall Attorney

As an instructor pilot at Fort Rucker Alabama during the height of our nation's involvement in Vietnam, Ike taught me to fly the UH-1 "Huey" helicopter, Nov 1968-Jan 1969. He taught countless other pilots and saved their lies with his knowledge and wisdom. I know he saved mine. The Army only required basic instrument flight ability in helicopters, but the "Huey" was fully instrument capable. Ike told me and my "Stick Buddy" we'd have to pass the full instrument qualifications of the helicopter, beyond what the Army required, or he'd find a way to otherwise bust us from the course. As a instrument new plot in Vietnam. with lessor qualified pilots commanding the flight. I had to take control of the aircraft and fly us out of weather conditions into safety. That alone is about 36 lives saved IKe did that and saved countless others. Beyond that, Ike and Rose hosted us for dinner at their home, way beyond "job" requirements. Footnote: Ike was flying F84s for the AL NG when one collided with a Huey from our Fort Rucker class killing all involved. Ike knew all involved but prevailed to serve.

From: Ronald Bunch, US Army, Retired

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